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Buildings are Living Entities.

They are an Extension of our Skin.

They can 'Breathe', Regulate temperature, Control humidity.

Buildings are an Extension of our Senses. 

They have Unique Fragrances, Sounds, even Feelings.

Buildings embody the Spirit of its people.

Buildings can tell Stories. 

Powerful Stories.


This is our Quest.

To manifest Inspired buildings . . .

which will Transcend the boundaries of functionality

and enter the domain of Delight like music to our Soul


and when Nature Smiles,

these buildings become Architecture !


1.​ French Heritage Design

2. Rhythm of The House

3. The Balcony

1.​ Orientation

2. Deep Verandahs

3. Appropriate Materials

4. Mutual Shading

5. Funnels of Breeze

6. Maximizing Ventilation




The Villas

1.​  The Inspiration


2. Villa Names & Colours

3. Their Inter-relationship

1.​ Energy

2. Waste

3. Water



1.​ Garden of The Soul

2. Garden of The Spirit

3. Garden of

   Psychological Perfection

4. Gardens in The Sky

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