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The Woodworking

Working with wood

is a synergistic combination


Art & Science -

The Art of

Listening, Sensitivity,

Observation & Patience

combined with

The Science of

Understanding the Material,

its Grains, Density,

Texture, Porosity

& its Behaviour

under various conditions.


is akin to

Working with Children :

sometimes we’re Firm,

at times Gentle;

we strive towards

bringing out

the Latent Possibilities

that lay Hidden Within.

We do so

by keenly studying the material and its responses

to our actions;

gauging that which

it seeks to become.

Towards the end of our efforts

we discover a wondrous piece

that has found its second life

in a new form;

The soul of a tree in another avatar.

To borrow a line

from one of our mentors,

George Nakashima,


“… seeing kinship

with each piece of wood,

eventually creating

an inward mood of space,

then bit by bit

finding peace and joy

in shaping timber

into objects of utility

and perhaps,

when nature smiles,


The most versatile of all natural building materials – Wood, is alive. It can work in tension & compression.

It can be cut, bent, carved & sculpted.

With it one can find meaning in a void,

create forms like a frozen fluid with sweeping curves

or manifest the solidity of stoic unmovable earth.

It is Man’s first choice for building material.

Wood has an inherent spiritual quality of connecting

Human with Nature.

" The Chair is an extension of your body. 


Your table is a reflection of your mind. "

- Viral Doshi 


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