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Our Philosophy


We believe

that a deeper

sensitive approach

towards Sustainable Living

is one of the most powerful ways

in creating a more meaningful,

delightful and fulfilling world

for Ourselves,

our Communities


our Planet.

The core philosophy of our work is

People - Planet - Prosperity.

In that order.

To this triple bottom line,

we have 2 additional Ps -

Place (place specific solutions )


Progress (Innovation)

These 5 Ps form the bedrock of all we do.

We believe in enriching

the Quality of Life,

not just

the Standard of Living.



We are passionate about surrounding people with delight through stories narrated

in brick and mortar,

earth and lime.

We are a passionate bunch

of eco-friendly architects, integrated sustainability engineers, furniture designers


ecologically sensitive builders.

We are an Award winning team specialising in eco-friendly construction.

We are unshakeable optimists.

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