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The Setting

There is a yearning so pure

and intense that if you can

feel the movement in the trees, your own being too will go up

in an ardent prayer

for the peace and light and love that are unmanifested here.

The Mother

Auroma French Villaments

was born from a dream

to create an idealogically connected

residential community in the midst of nature.

A chance meeting,

a quick survey
and this dream took its first steps

to becoming a reality...

Auroma French Villaments
has conciously positioned itself midway between Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry's Heritage French Town 
& Matrimandir in Auroville, a global community for human unity.

Situated just beyond the

'Green Belt' of Auroville, 
it provides the perfect balance between

living in a Forest retreat
 and life in a city.

The bio-region of this area

is known to be home to over a hundred species of birds.
These lovely visitors usually put on a show during dawn or dusk.

You can enjoy them from your elegant french Balcony or if you're lucky, they will join you as you stroll through the gardens or sit under the trees.

Common sights and sounds include the beautiful Indian Peacock and Peahen, the white throated Kingfisher, Bulbul, the Indian Owl, Sunbird, sparrows and many more...

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