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The A-Team

Trupti Doshi

Architect & Integrated Sustainability engineer from Mumbai with 15+ years of experience in ecological design, eco-friendly materials, appropriate building technologies, rain water harvesting, waste management, energy efficiency, thermal comfort and use of renewables.


A speaker at TEDx and covered by platforms like YourStory and The Better India, Trupti sees buildings and cities as complex living organisms which are parts of the larger cyclical loops of nature.


"Buildings are manuscripts of human evolution - they encapsulate history, represent civilisations, embody the spirit of the age."


She has lectured widely on a variety of subjects ranging from hidden geometry in nature, sustainability, smart cities, role of technology, social development, Indian architecture and environmental entrepreneurship among others in several colleges and universities in India and across numerous cities in Europe. Recently, she was the speaker from Asia for the Bio-Architecture conference in Portugal. Her audience ranges from  architects, civil engineers, environmentalists & planners to entrepreneurs, start-ups and students.


Trupti has addressed over 200 groups and personally interacted with over 1000 highly prestigious consultants and personalities of national and international repute from academia and industry including top management at The World Bank, UBS - Union Bank of Switzerland, MNRE - Ministry of New and Renewable Energy - Govt. of India, Stanford University, TERI - The Energy and Resources Institute, Cadbury, Forbes, Mckinsey, Bridge Partnership, The Taj group, University of Oregon among several others, all of whom have been greatly inspired by her systemic approach and the synthesis of so many diverse disciplines into an integrated whole.


She has worked on the design of educational institutes, health resorts, youth precincts, semi-urban sustainable campuses & bespoke urban residences and undertakes projects in different parts of India.

She has been the Chief Co-Architect of Sri Aurobindo Society, an international NGO, where in addition to master planning numerous large institutional projects spanning several acres, she gained the special recognition as the youngest Indian woman architect to have been featured by the United Nations Environment Programme for co-creating "Sharanam - phase 1- Institute for Rural Transformation  as a model for sustainable development in India.

When she is not on a building site, you can find her bird watching atop a mountain in Ladakh, capturing the diversity of the world through her lens, meeting inspiring people innovating in Entrepreneurship, learning a new language - currently on her 7th - or simply enjoying the fresh air and writing poetry.

Prabodh Doshi

Prabodh earned a Masters degree in Production Engineer from New York, USA and returned to homeland due to his belief in indigenous entrepreneurship.


As Chairman of The Auroma Group, he mentors Operations with a contagious enterprising spirit. He is in charge of Construction Management, Business Administration & Finance Planning.


Design & Fashion

Prabodh has been one of India's leading product manufacture and export houses to Europe, USA and South Africa with 35+ years of Experience in the Design &  Fashion Industry working towards customer delight for 30+ global brands including Hush Puppies, Elizabeth Stuart, Aldo and Clarke among others with 6000+ unique designs. His 1500 strong company included 750+ skilled craftsmen and technicians.


An exponent of 'Make in India', Prabodh has been awarded by India's Council for Leather Exports for excellence in manufacturing to international standards.


Giving Back

In keeping with a heartfelt aspiration of giving back to India, he has worked at the grass-roots in 100+ villages in western India, encouraging environmental and socio-economic activities for rural enterprises.

He has mentored 2500+ urban youth in Mumbai through various personality development workshops with a deeper spiritual approach.


Organic Farming

One of his other hats include natural farming for medicinal and herbal gardens. He enjoys tending the earth at his Organic Farm.


Art and Poetry

Prabodh continues to expand his artistic horizons with newfound materials - stone, wood, paper, thread, rubber... and counting. During leisure, you can learn from his unique creations in papercraft, quilling, marquetry, macrame', stone work or revel in the magic of words through his poetry.



Prabodh has been a keen student and exponent of Indian philosophy over the years. He has lectured at 250+ venues to 15,000+ people and is currently pursuing Ph.D on The Bhagwat Gita from University of Florida. 

Viral Doshi

Viral is an Engineer – Building Technologist – Wood-worker from Bombay with 9+ years of experience.


His passion lies in the synergy of ‘Science’ of building materials & how they come together to create functional ‘Art’.


One of the pillars at Auroma Architecture, his interest in creating efficient systems leads him in pursuing Active & Passive systems of Thermal Comfort in built spaces along with various other technology solutions to better the way buildings are made.


He enjoys restoration of Heritage Architecture as it reflects an inflection point where wood & earth come together to create sublime synergy.


As a skilled wood-worker, his earliest influences include Japanese pioneer, George Nakashima & American master craftsman, Sam Maloof. His philosophy of wood as a living piece of history leads him to create solid-wood chairs that mimic the ideal proportions & postures of a Human; Solid-Wood Tables that capture the spirit of a Human’s vast & infinite dreams. His custom-made pieces are all hand-crafted and take several weeks to realize.


He has previously worked as a corporate trainer at various national & international platforms using his experience as a clinical hypnotherapist.


During leisure, you can join him on a tête-à-tête about his newly designed award winning French Villa, scuba diving off the Coromandel coast or crafting magic with words - writing poetry. 

Roma Doshi

An artist of many mediums - wood, fabric, metal, paper, glass & plants, Roma is an Interior Designer and Landscape artist with 25+ years of experience with bespoke designs for home decor. Creating 500+ new designs annually, nothing that passes through her hands can leave without the touch of beauty.


Her unique strength with Fabric Art and bold expression with colours and textures give Auroma Interiors its youthfulness and comforting charm, its Joie de vivre ! 


She has been a champion swimmer, badminton player and horse-rider.


Additionally, Roma has scaled 3 other peaks and scaled them to perfection.

​In the field of wholistic Education, Roma has been a psychologist and educational counsellor of national repute. With 1000+ weekend programmes and annual workshops, Roma has worked with 10,000+ children and youth between ages 6 to 18.

She has developed 500+ interactive educational apparatus and is one of India's leading manufacturers of Montessori material. She has also been visiting faculty for Indian Studies at Study India Programme for foreign students in Pondicherry University.


Performing Arts

As an audio voice artist, Roma has been involved with script writing for drama ballets and has hosted 100+ programmes across different cities in India, alongside prestigious nationally acclaimed performing artists.

Deeply inspired by middle eastern art and culture, Roma has a special fascination for the stars and discovering their hidden geometries. In her role as astrological counsellor and Vaastu consultant, she has consulted 5000+ companies and high networth individuals.

During leisure, you can indulge in conversations with her about astronomy and discover her mathematical prowess while star gazing through her telescope. ​

Lavanya Premkumar

Lavanya Premkumar a.k.a Lavie, is an IT engineer, Visual Artist & Landscape designer, all rolled in one. 


While living in Arizona, USA, where she worked in IT, she felt a calling to do something deeper & more profound with her life.  Her calling brought her back to India where she returned to pursue a career that allowed her to combine Visual media while discovering the secret world of Plants.


The powerhouse of Auroma Graphe with over 9 years experience in various fields, her keen eye for aesthetic detailing enables her to engage in a variety of Visual media skills - Photography, Film-making, 3D Modelling, Web design & Graphic design and also extend this skill to her Landscapes and Gardens

She specializes in ‘Narratives’ – Telling engaging stories through a synthesis of Pictures, Music, Art installations & Plants. 


Being avidly interested in the world of beauty in Nature, she practices Ikebana & creates gardens with macro & micro vantage points. Roaming through her garden, one can experience her refinement as they feel a sense of surprise & delight at every turn!


During leisure, you can find her dawning a Chef Hat experimenting with new flavours & aromas and innovating gourmet cuisines or picking up a new skill in music (currently the violin), art or technology.
La vie est belle !

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