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The Community

Each gave its powers to help its neighbours' parts,
But suffered no diminution by the gift;
Profiteers of a mystic interchange,
They grew by what they took and what they gave,
All others they felt as their own complements,
One in the might and joy of multitude.

Book III; Canto III

The Mother Pondicherry Auroville

A rich and diverse community of 


Artists, designers & connoisseurs,

Architects, engineers & master builders,

Musicians and music lovers,

Psychologists, scientists and scholars, 

Entrepreneurs, Nurturers & gardeners,

Doctors, Healers & seekers,


all united by a common aim -

Conscious Accelerated Evolution,

Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga 

Sri Aurobindo Pondicherry Auroville
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