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1.​ French Heritage Design

2. Rhythm of The House

3. The Balcony

1.​ Orientation

2. Deep Verandahs

3. Appropriate Materials

4. Mutual Shading

5. Funnels of Breeze

6. Maximizing Ventilation

Climate Responsive


The Villas

1.​ The Inspiration

2. Villa Names & Colours

3. Their Inter-relationship

1.​ Energy

2. Waste

3. Water


1. Energy

Solar Water Heater
To make the most of the ample sun, each Villa is equipped with a Solar Water Heater to provide hot water round-the-clock.

Solar Inverter + Panels
To avoid the bane of power cuts, each Villament is equipped with pre-installed Solar compatible inverter + battery back-up for upto 8 hours with corresponding electrical wiring & net-meters. We also install solar panels on request. 


2. Waste

Waste segregation
To make waste management simple, a waste segregation bin is installed inside each Villament.
The organic food waste is turned to compost for use in the gardens.
The inorganic recyclables are further segregated before handing them over to recycling units. 

3. Water

Mineral Quality soft water 
Auroma French Villaments is in a pristine environment where the quality of water is akin to sweet mineral-water with zero ecoli.
Auroma has installed its own borewell as a back-up for the municipal supply.

Rain Water Harvesting
To ensure that this water can be used sustainably, all rain water showering upon the area is filtered and recharged into the ground. 

To avoid using too much fresh water for gardening, all used water from the Villaments is treated in a separate sewage treatment plant and used for gardening.


1.​ Garden of The Soul

2. Garden of The Spirit

3. Garden of Psychological


4. Gardens in The Sky

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