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1.​ French Heritage Design

2. Rhythm of The House

3. The Balcony

1.​ Orientation

2. Deep Verandahs

3. Appropriate Materials

4. Mutual Shading

5. Funnels of Breeze

6. Maximizing Ventilation

Climate Responsive


1. Orientation

As we all know, the Sun moves from east to west. All Villas at Auroma French Villaments have their longer side facing north and south. So orientation ensures that the building cuts across the path of the Sun thereby minimising solar heat gain. 

2. Mutual Shading

Much like the shaded streets of Jaisalmer, where buildings are placed such that they shade each other, all villas at AFV have at least 1 long side which is shaded. 

This cuts out air conditioning loads by half. 

Climate Responsive

3. Appropriate Materials

The bricks used at AFV are very sophisticated and scientifically tested Flyash bricks which in addition to being 3 times the strength of ordinary bricks, also keeps the interiors cooler.


A white paint having an excellent heat reflective compound has been chosen for the exterior surfaces.

All terrace floors have been tiled using heat reflective tiles. 

4. Deep Verandahs

On the eastern and western sides, the villas have deep and beautiful balconies and verandahs. These prevent the walls facing the sun from heating up. 

5. Funnels of Breeze

The pedestrian streets between the villas have been deliberately oriented to catch the land breeze which begins early morning and sea breeze which starts post noon. Anyone standing at the end of these breezeways can be 'blown away' ! 

Metaphorically and literally ! 

6. Maximising Ventilation

The myriad windows inside each apartment at Auroma French Villaments enable the home to open up like a flower to the call of the morning sun, sway with the breeze, become a hollow channel for the exchange of nature’s forces and in the deep silence of the night, close its petals for rest and recuperation only to blossom again with the new dawn.

The Villas

1.​ The Inspiration

2. Villa Names & Colours

3. Their Inter-relationship

1.​ Energy

2. Waste

3. Water



1.​ Garden of The Soul

2. Garden of The Spirit

3. Garden of

   Psychological Perfection

4. Gardens in The Sky

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