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1.​ French Heritage Design

2. Rhythm of The House

3. The Balcony

1.​ French Heritage Design

Pondicherry is often termed as a window to France. Its rich colonial heritage is a rare instance of French architecture in the sub-continent.  
Inspired by the colonial aesthetic, Auroma French Villaments is re-creating its grandeur with modern technology.
Some highlights of French architecture which have been integrated into the Auroma French Villaments design are:


  • Stylized Columns

  • Burma Teak Wood Balconies

  • Burma Teak Wood Filigree

  • French Styled Roofs

  • French Cornices

  • Window & Door Relief

  • Large French Windows & Doors


2. Rhythm of the House

The internal planning of each home is a Rhythm from the Inner to the Outer. Private spaces such as bedrooms and washrooms are towards the rear end of the house. Semi - private spaces like Kitchen and Dining form the centre. Public spaces like Living room are towards the front. And the crowning glory - Balconies form the outermost edge, the much coveted connection with the greenery. 

3. The Balcony

In the words of one of our mentors Architect Masud Taj : 

" The balcony is a dialogue between ground and sky. When you lean out of the balcony, you wish to go beyond. When you lean out, the balcony is dreaming you. Because where balconies end, a soaring begins that no parapets can curtail.... These balconies are like words left hanging in the air. "

1.​ Orientation

2. Deep Verandahs

3. Appropriate Materials

4. Mutual Shading

5. Funnels of Breeze

6. Maximizing Ventilation

Climate Responsive


The Villas

1.​ The Inspiration

2. Villa Names & Colours

3. Their Inter-relationship

1.​ Energy

2. Waste

3. Water



1.​ Garden of The Soul

2. Garden of The Spirit

3. Garden of

   Psychological Perfection

4. Gardens in The Sky

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